Who we are


What started as a hobby farm over 40 years ago has grown into a full-time greenhouse operation for the Gregors. Back then Tom was working in construction; Rex was in sales. After a full days work, both hit the fields. The 12 acres were planted in vegetable crops to be “trucked” to market. Every weekend, the ’57 Studebaker would be loaded to capacity, and Rex headed for the Minneapolis Farmers Market where, to this day, Gregor Farm remains as a Grower.

gregor farm

The business was Incorporated in 1985. Today, the Greenhouse’s square footage is approximately 25,000 heated greenhouses, 5,000 in cold frames, and 28,000 in outdoor display/retail areas. Greenhouse crops include: annual spring bedding plants, flowing houseplants, hanging baskets, perennials, poinsettias, shrubs, trees and fall garden mums. The Gregors take great pride in offering high quality, unique, and popular plant material with expertise of their knowledge and love of plants. Seasonal produce is also sold through the summer and fall.


2 thoughts on “Who we are

  1. Marilyn, great question. We do not apply any pesticides to our plants. We release beneficial insects to manage insect pests.
    Thank you for your inquiry, Patty Gregor

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